EPX – A Full-Service Unified Payments Platform

Protecting businesses. Enhancing customer confidence. Supporting global commerce. Founded in 1979, Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX) has led the payments industry through superior security, patented technologies, and exceptional service. We deliver next-generation solutions for traditional, mobile, and virtual payments to merchants, ISVs, banks, ISOs, and franchises the world over. All via straight-through processing on an end-to-end, unified, and secure platform.

Integrating with EPX - built for developers.

EPX provides customized solutions with simple pricing that allows developers and merchants to seamlessly accept payments. In fact, we offer personalized training for developers to help you seamlessly integrate and utilize EPX's capabilities to the maximum. Our fully integrated payment solution utilizes EMV and tokenization and encryption technologies to deliver a single point of integration that ensures the highest level of simplicity and security.

Our capabilities extend to:

  • A robust cardholder data protection system, namely, our proprietary EPX BuyerWall.
  • The adjudication of chargebacks online.
  • Emulating the functionality of POS terminals in web browsers to enable online payments.
  • Web-based reporting & data analyses.

Why EPX?

A unified, stable and secure processing platform offering true, end-to-end payment solutions.

  • Affordable per-transaction pricing with low base service fees and absolutely no setup or application fees.
  • The advanced security of end-to-end transactions utilizing advanced tokenization to offer PCI compliant payment solutions. This eliminates the need for multiple vendor relationships and minimizes the failure points that impact other payment companies.
  • Enhanced data security and strengthened process reliability means a reduced exposure to risk.
  • Reliable cardholder data protection that allows merchants to eliminate data breach liability by creating a tokenized BRIC, which allows your system to process and transmit data without sensitive cardholder information.
  • A customizable EPX Paypage that enables ecommerce merchants to outsource online payment acceptance and PCI compliance requirements.
  • No middlemen or intermediaries means a serious reduction in your fees and allows for one single point of contact for support.