EPX Semi-Integrated Solutions (EPXPay)

The EPXPay Semi-integrated solutions are a line of payment terminals that give developers the benefit of developing their own POS solution without the need for a lengthy certification process. EPX has handpicked devices, developed software for them, and pre-certified them to help merchants and developers quickly meet their processing and compliance needs. These devices use end-to-end encryption, tokenization, and other security measures to protect everyone from the customer to the card providers. These terminals are designed to handle multiple credit and debit processing scenarios.

Delivering definitive business benefits:

EPXPay provides a great avenue for generating hardware solutions without having to invest heavily in PCI compliance concerns. Developers simply need to build their app and connect to the EPXPay device as required to make transactions. Because these devices are certified internally by the EPX team, they provide full support for the equipment and any transactions processed through them. The EPX team also addresses many of the security and compliance concerns that are typically involved in payment processing. This allows your development teams to focus their efforts on your customers and not industry requirements. The EPXPay terminals also offer the ability to add tips to transactions, void transactions, perform batch settlements, force-capture transactions and create authorization codes in offline mode.

How it works:

The transaction request from the merchant POS software interface needs to be sent as an HTTP POST with an XML payload to the EPXPay device. EPXPay displays the transaction amount on the terminal display, verifies with the cardholder that the authorization amount is correct, prompts for the desired method of payment (may be bypassed), and completes the authorization request via the EPX Gateway. The complete transaction response data from the EPX gateway is then returned in the payload of the HTTP/HTTPS POST response.

EPXPay Transactions in 5 simple steps:

  1. The merchant POS software interface gathers transaction data and sends it to the terminal running EPXPay via HTTP POST.
  2. The cardholder completes the payment transaction using EPXPay on the terminal.
  3. EPXPay forwards the transaction information collected to the EPX Gateway.
  4. The EPX Gateway processes the transaction and returns a response to the terminal.
  5. The transaction response is returned from the terminal as part of the HTTP/HTTPS POST response to the POS system.

How to get started:

EPX provides developers access to a test environment for application building and separate credentials for production (upon completing certification).

The typical steps to completion are as follows:

  1. A developer must register to access the dashboard, initiate a project, and receive test credentials.
  2. With these credentials, the developer can build their application against the test environment.
  3. Once development is complete, you submit your application for certification.
  4. After certification has been passed, the Integration Team will issue a certification letter, which can be used to secure production credentials.