EPX XML Batch File API

The EPX Batch File API is an SFTP service designed to allow the secure processing of a batch file of financial transactions from a developer’s server directly to the EPX Payment Gateway. The system allows a developer to upload an XML file of request transactions from their servers directly to EPX for offline financial processing. Although transactions are submitted in blocks, the command to perform settlement must be included or later submitted or the transactions will be in a pending state. Without proper batching and settling taking place, no funds will be transferred.

How your business benefits:

The EPX XML Batch File API simplifies the method of processing transactions containing customer account information (via keyed, swiped, dipped, or tapped entry) or the token representing this information stored within EPX (EPX BRIC). The Batch File API is commonly used in applications performing recurring transactions or in systems that gather transactions from multiple sources for batch processing.

How it works:

The XML Batch File API receives open transactions in XML format from developer’s servers and submits the formatted files to the EPX Payment Gateway. EPX then processes the request document and creates a response XML document. Once all transactions are processed, the response document is placed next to the request document in the SFTP location. The developer’s system can then access this document to see the results of any transaction processing.

XML Batch File API transactions in 6 simple steps:

  1. The developer uploads the XML batch file of transaction requests to their home directory of the EPX SFTP site using SFTP client on port 22 and the credentials provided by EPX.
  2. The file is picked up by the Batch File API for parsing and processing.
  3. The Batch File API sends each parsed transaction to the EPX Payment Gateway for processing.
  4. The Batch File API receives the response for each transaction and combines those responses into an XML response file.
  5. The Batch File API places the XML response file into the home directory where the request file was retrieved.
  6. The developer then reconnects to the EPX SFTP server to retrieve the XML response file for parsing.

How to get started:

EPX provides developers access to a test environment for application building, as well as separate credentials for production upon completing certification.

The typical steps to completion:

  1. A developer must register to access the dashboard, initiate a project, and receive test credentials.
  2. With these credentials, you can then build your application against the test environment.
  3. Once development is complete, you can submit your application for certification.
  4. Prior to transmitting a test file to EPX, an integration specialist reviews the format of your file, as required.
  5. After the specialist has reviewed the test file’s format, the developer can send the file to the EPX Integration Team who will complete the certification.
  6. After certification has been passed, the Integration Team will issue a certification letter, which can be used to secure production credentials.